Warranty Policy

All U3DS products are designed and manufactured to deliver high-quality performance. In case
you encounter any difficulties while using your product, we recommend reading the instruction
manual or visiting our website’s support section( If available).

Warranty Qualifications
This warranty is offered by U3DS and is extended only to consumers who originally purchased
the product. It is not extended to any subsequent owner(s) or other transferees of the product.
Any unauthorized seller(s) of the product cannot offer this warranty.

Warranty Terms
All products purchased via the U3DS official website are warranted under different terms. The
warranty applies ONLY to U3DS-branded products, including hardware components, software,
and required firmware supplied by U3DS.

This DOES NOT include consumables, such as the resin, LCD, and FEP / PFA (PFA (nFEP))
film. All LCDs for the UltraOne, Ultra 2, PlusUltra, LipsOne are covered under a 3-month

If any defects caused by faulty materials and/or the manufacturing process are discovered
within the warranty period, U3DS will either exchange or repair any such item(s).

All products purchased via U3DS authorized resellers are warranted under terms regulated by
the resellers. If any defects due to faulty materials and/or production are found within the
warranty period, U3DS will offer technical assistance for resellers in troubleshooting the
issue(s). Resellers, however, will be responsible for the final decision and providing a warranty.

Warranty Coverage
For any situations not covered by the warranty (list below), you will be required to pay a fee for
any official U3DS maintenance services. The U3DS warranty does not apply to:

● Products without solid proof of purchase.
● Consumable parts, such as the resin, LCD, and FEP / PFA (PFA (nFEP)) film
● Damaged caused by human factors – including but not limited to – misuse, improper
installation, abuse, abnormal voltage, water, fire, transport accident, and/or other
external causes.
● Damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modifications, disassembly of parts or
components not in accordance with official instructions.
● Damage caused by non-authorized service providers.
● Damage caused by operations that did not follow instructional recommendations.
● Product purchased from an unauthorized

Products Damaged on Arrival
If the parcel’s exterior is suspected of being damaged upon arrival, please provide a video
recording of (a) the parcel exterior, (b) the unboxing process, and sufficient information for
U3DS to assist in handling DOA(Damaged on Arrival) cases.

If the shipping container or cushioning material is damaged, it should be kept until the shipment
contents have been checked for completeness and the instruments have been checked

If any mechanical damage defects, instrument, or component failures are found, please write a
mail to us immediately (email at support@u3ds.in). If there is mechanical damage, defects, or a
shipping container is damaged, please write a mail to us immediately (email at


Warranty Period of Main Components
The warranty period begins from the date the order arrives and expires at the end of the
warranty period.

*If your device is not listed in the chart below, please contact the U3DS support team for further

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